Monday, 1 January 2018


Happy New Year, friends.

2017 is over.
Praise all that is holy!
I almost feel like we should celebrate its end more than we do the beginning of 2018.
The fresh start is always a delight but the end of such a weird year is a sight for sore eyes and tired hearts.
Don't get me wrong, 2017 wasn't all bad, I did finish the Devil's Roses. My first series ever.
I also published 4 novels, which is also not terrible.
It's my lowest number ever but it's also not bad considering I struggled for every word in my old house. I'm not entirely superstitious but I am enough that I know that house and I were not meant to be. I'll miss the pool but being unable to work just doesn't suit me.
Oddly enough, we moved into this new house and the words sprung from me. It's been 3 months and I've written five novels.
I've written a couple books for traditional publishing, they'll start coming out next summer, and several indie books that are joining the lineup for editing.
So it has been a great end of the year and really validated the move.

On a crappy note, Indie publishing took a beating in 2017, the market is flooded and the ability to reach readers and bloggers is at an all time low. But we can't worry about the low, we need to adapt to get back into the flow again. And that is my plan.
And as a result of the indie market being a bit intense, I will be focusing on traditional publishing more than indie.
As my series end this next year, I will be turning my eyes to my agent and the traditional world.

I love indie publishing and have been so lucky to have the ability to put out whatever I wanted and you readers gave it a try. Sometimes it was a home run and other times it was a flop, but we gave it a go either way. But as the tides are changing again, I have to change with them. After all this is my job.

On the off chance you have missed anything in the last year or so, here is where we are at!

Here is a list of my completed series in case you have missed a publishing date -

Crimson Cove Mysteries - Buy Here
Blood and Bone - Buy Here
Born - Buy Here
The Light Trilogy - Buy Here
The Lonely - Buy Here 
The Devil's Roses - Buy Here 

Here is a list of my standalone books -

First Kiss - Buy Here
In The Fading Light - Buy Here 
My Side - Buy Here
The Long Way Home - Buy Here
For Love or Money - Buy Here
Lost in La La Land - Buy Here
Sunder - Buy Here 

Here is a list of my series that are awaiting their ending -

The Blood Trail Chronicles - Buy Here
The Royals Trilogy - Buy Here
The Seventh Day - Buy Here
Imaginations - Buy Here
The Single Lady Spy Series - Buy Here
Puck Buddies - Buy Here 

If you are looking for a specific book or date this is what I have - 

Hang Five - out now - Buy Here
Castaways - Out now - Buy HERE
Fling Club - Our now! - Buy Here
The End of Lies - September
Valiant - October
He Loves You Not - October - preorder - Buy Here
A Royal Affair - November
The Earth’s End - December
A Royal Wedding - December

Reparations - January
Baby Daddies - February

These dates have been adjusted to give our editor more time and to give me time to work on traditional work.

And finally, if you are hoping to get an early ARC of any of my novels, go and join my reader group. It's new and we are just starting to build the group. Join here! The ARCs will be out far before the book releases, so it is worth it to try to get one.

And last but never least, THANK YOU! Thank you so much for being here this last seven years, almost eight years. Without you I am just a crazy lady with a lot of weird voices in her head.

Love and hugs and blessings for the New Year to you and yours.


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