Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Finally, release date

Hello, hello, hello!

I am back-ish. I still have no Wi-Fi, still have no cable either and $%^&ing Dirk Gently is starting back up, but I am up and running in the new office.
It’s amazing.
Having my own space and being able to close the doors, after flipping off all the members of my family, is awesome.
I have received your pleas, your desperate attempts at getting a schedule of releases from me. I am not ignoring you, I just had to be sure I could confirm dates with Andrea. I do NOT want to have to update this again unless Andrea dies or is horribly injured, I mean then obviously we have to find a new editor. Everyone think good thoughts about Andrea’s health for the next year.
Here they are, estimated release dates **drumroll**
The Last Hour - Released
Hang Five - Released

Castaways - Released
Fling Club - Released
The End of Lies - September 2018
Valiant - October 2018
He Loves You Not - October 2018
A Royal Affair - November 2018
A Royal Wedding - December 2018
The Earth's End - December 2018
Reparations - January 2019
Baby Daddies - February 2019

I tried to keep it as close to the order you voted on.
I do have traditional publishing going on, so I will be working my schedules around each other. And the dates will be a week or so either way, depending on my other deadlines, something that is out of my control. If we are done faster they publish faster and if they're a bit late, c'est la vie.

I’m so sorry for the gap in releases. In almost 7 years I haven’t had a gap like this before. My writer’s block was cured the moment we moved. I’m suspicious enough to believe this house is a better setting for me to work. I find it a little creepier even though it is brand new, and am having a hard time sleeping. Guess I need to be able to be haunted more by my work…yay…

We’ll chalk that last 2 years up to me learning how to caulk bathrooms correctly and spending some much needed time with the kids.

They’re teenagers so they’ve seen more than enough of me to last a while.
So now I am all yours again.

Thanks for the patience everyone.



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