Saturday, 4 February 2017

Publishing order

We have all taken a vote on my Facebook page. I let the readers choose what order books will publish in.
This is the order you all voted on for 2017
Bed Buddies - Published
Witch - Published
Death - Published
Blackwater - Published
Midnight Coven - Published
Redeemers - Published
Betrayers - Published
Lost in La La Land - Published
The Last Hour
The Earth’s End
The End of Lies
The End of Love
Baby Daddies
Hang Five
A Royal Affair
A Royal Wedding

We are keeping series books together, releasing all of them back to back.

If the book that you're waiting for got moved, I am so sorry.
Majority ruled and choices were made by popular vote.

Thanks so much, 



  1. Hi! I saw The last Hour is available for preorder now, but it says that the print length is only 14 pages!? Is this accurate?

    1. Hi there!! No, it will be a bit longer than 7th day. The holding file for the preorder is just that, a blank doc to hold the space.

  2. Do you know an estimated date for valiant, I'm dying to find out what's to come