Saturday, 4 February 2017


Dear Naked Neighbour came out, did you catch it?

Watching a drug house all day can get old fast. 

For the team of RCMP in Special O, surveillance is a way of life. 
Sometimes it’s like watching paint dry and other times it’s like winning the lottery. 
Especially when a naughty neighbour puts on a little show. Everyone enjoys their job just a little more. 
Except for Simon Vlahov, the team’s token geek. 
He’s got the glasses. 
He’s got the techie skills. 
And some suspect he’s still got his V-card. 
In fact, they bring it up regularly. 
And not just because he would never stare in a girl’s window, let alone ask her out. 
After a second showing, Simon sends an email, warning the girl of her sheer curtains. 
It’s the gentlemanly thing to do. 
Until the sexy neighbour, a software designer named Callie, ends up at his door. 
It seems she has skills that match his own and wants to know who the hell he is and why he’s spying on her. 
Within seconds of meeting her, Simon realizes he is out of his league. 
But Callie isn’t so sure.

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Book one in the Dinner Club novella series, GEEK gets the GIRL!

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  1. I finally got to read this. I LOVED all the characters. So freaking funny. Just what I needed.