Friday, 17 February 2017

New standalone

We have a couple randomly placed standalone books coming out this year. They are books I was going to traditionally publish but they don't fit into boxes nice enough. They're kinda weird, which is kinda my thing.
The Reverse of Everything is one of these books.
I wrote it a few years ago and am tweaking it now for publish.
Here is the cover and blurb.

This is how I die.
Seven weeks ago everyone over the age of one hundred dropped dead.
They said the victims were dead before they hit the floor.
Five weeks ago my mother left me here to die alone.
She said she didn't want to make me watch her go, but she didn't fool me.
She just didn't want to die in our small town in our small house with me as her only company.
Four weeks ago Grandma Kay died along with everyone in their sixties.
Last week mom died, but being an orphan isn’t a big deal anymore.
Everyone’s an orphan now.
Not that it matters.
I’m going to die in two weeks anyway.
This is how I die.

Preorder it here!

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