Friday, 17 February 2017


***Limited time release***

Are you looking for the adult version of the final Roses novel?
Here is the link.

The final Roses novel, Betrayers, the adult version will go along with the adult version of the books that first came out in 2011 and 2012 and will only be available when it publishes for a few weeks. Then all adult versions of the novels will be deleted and only the YA version will remain.

This story is only just beginning and it’s going to end with a bang.
Just as they’re feeling lost, desperate, and alone, everyone the Roses ever needed comes back into their lives.
Help is sent from above, help in the form of lost love and old friends.
Although none of this can save them from the treachery of one person they loved with all their hearts.
As the world is destroyed beyond repair and hearts are broken several times over, the Roses band together.
They fight as one.
And just when you think all is lost, someone unexpected joins the battle.
But as the end of the war lingers on the horizon, they all realize one terrible truth.
Even if they win, they will all lose.

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