Saturday, 3 December 2016


Hyde is Live!!

This is the YA version that is newly edited.

When she wakes in the trunk of a car, Hanna is certain of what has happened.
But as the car slows and her captor comes to light, she realizes he’s not just freeing her, he’s also opening the door to another world.
One where a dusty stack of journals drag her into confusion.
There is something more to the world she has been forced into, something she cannot comprehend.
History and the present collide in this explosive tale of betrayal fighting our inner demons.
You can run from yourself, but you cannot Hyde.

It's on Amazon only here!

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  1. Hi Tara, I posted earlier but you must not have got it. I was wondering about the Devil's rose series. With you redoing then in ya. I already have the hole series except the last one. How's it going to work with it. Are you only going to write a ya book for the betrayers? Or will you also release one that goes on from the adult series? I hope you release one in the adult series also.
    Thank you, Cathy