Friday, 9 December 2016

End of Series!!

Hey everyone!!

Just wanted to do an update. We have changed a couple things, releasing books in the same series all back to back, since you've waited so long we think you deserve it.
This next 12 months we will see the end of all series books.
This is a brief catch up on all the series and where we are at with them. Like I said, 2017 will be about two books a month release schedule, to get us on track from all my moving chaos. I don't know how Lizzie Ford does this all the time. Whew! It's exhausting.

Bed Buddies - This is releasing next. We are shooting for December 23rd, as a Christmas gift to you all. The final book in the Puck Buddies/Roommates series is called Baby Daddies. It is from Matt and Brady's POVs. There will also be a couple short stories to go with these, from some of the guys and gals we have randomly met throughout the series. Baby Daddies is in the edit schedule for summer.

The Devil's Roses - We are looking at starting the releases in the early spring for the rest of them. They're the wrench in the works right now, slowing everything else down. They have added somewhere around 4 months of extra editing. Andrea is ready to strangle me, luckily she lives 5000 miles away...
The final book, Betrayers will be released as two books. One will be NA for you sexy times lovers and the other will be YA for the no sex readers. You can purchase whichever you like, the story will be the same except for sex, they will release on the same day. After about a month, the adult version of the Roses will be discontinued. And only the YA version will remain for sale. I cannot release these faster, we don't even have covers done, they're all ordered and being made. As they aren't a layered photoshop project for a designer, they take longer. They're actual drawings. And the editing is a huge pain. They will release over he course of the end of winter/early spring.

The Single Lady Spy Series - These last two books are releasing back to back in the spring. They are the last of the series.

The Seventh Day - These are releasing back to back as well. Barring any hiccups, we are shooting for spring releases. The titles are The Last Hour and Earth's End.

The Blood Trail Chronicles - This last book, Valiant, is releasing in the summer. It is the end of this series.

Crimson Cove Mysteries - This last book releases Halloween. This is the end of the series. There will be another big purse giveaway, a special one, when it releases.

Imaginations - Not sure if you guessed this or not, but there is a final book to this series. The cover is so OMG. We will be releasing this as soon as the Roses are all done. I would say fall at the earliest. This will end the Imaginations series.

The Royals Trilogy (AKA White Girl Problems Trilogy) - These are the releasing back to back. We will have both out next fall/winter. The titles are A Royal Affair and A Royal Wedding.

The Lonely - Yes, I promised a Sebastian book and you will get it at the end of 2017. It and a Stuart short story will be the final glimpse into the Lonely.

Born - The Prequel and the Sequel are both still planned. The prequel will come first. We don't have a date yet and titles are still being worked on, as are covers.

Please be patient with us, we are also working non stop on traditional books that we can't discuss. They won't be coming for a while. Traditional publishing takes a long time.

This ends our series books. We will be sad to see them all go but we are excited for the start of new things.

Thanks so much for caring and needing these books, it touches my heart every time I get a message about the next book!




  1. Will the betrayers be out on audible also?

    1. yes it will. The adult version, not the YA version.

  2. Hello am from Australia and just trying to work out where to download the adult version of the betrayers from?

  3. Amazing! That's a tough schedule. Can't wait :)

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  5. I just reread Seventh Day, so I'm excited about the two new ones coming next month!

  6. I saw The last Hour is available for pre-order, but it says that the print length is only 14 pages?! Is this accurate?

  7. I love the Puck Buddies series! Awesome work xoxo