Saturday, 9 January 2016

The Devil's Roses

Once upon a time...

In a cold and harsh land called Canada, there was a young author. She was very beautiful and very amazing—oops, this is the version I tell my husband...

This author wrote some books—okay she wrote a lot of books. She was new to being an author and sort of sucked but she had these amazing readers who valued her because they could see the potential in her. It took a long time for her to get things right, probably longer than everyone else but who's counting?
As she was struggling and finding her way, she got some feedback from readers, demanding sexy times in her series, The Devil's Roses. In fact most agreed the series needed sex.
For months they cried that they wanted, no needed to saver some red hot vampire—angel—werewolf sex. They wrote and wrote, begging and pleading for her to consider adding sex to the books she had liked as a PG NA.
After some consideration, she caved. She added the sex and the series, which had been a firm PG NA, became an +18 only. She added naughty sex and fun sex and quick sex.
Eventually she got tired of the sex and saw it as more of a filler. it just wasn't how she imagined the series.
Many years later as she rewrote and rewrote the ending of the series, she realized she just didnt love the turn the books had taken, and decided to change it. She decided to take it back to its roots. Back to the place that had made her so happy.

Essentially I am trying to hypnotize you by taking so long to say that I am redoing The Devil's Roses for the third time. I want you calm and comatose so that you don't fling poo at me.

If you like the all right versions that are out there now, that's okay. And I love you for liking them. But I need to take back the story and put it back to the way I loved it. I cannot finish the final book until I do.

And to make matters worse, I am making it YA, not NA. There will be SO MUCH LESS SEX IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY. We are talking angst and daydreaming and possible kisses in corners when no one is looking. But we will not (children look away) play just the tip, just for a minute, just to see how it feels.

They will be redone completely. Recovered completely. Reimagined completely. And they will end in a way that strongly suggests a spinoff series is coming. Mostly because one is. It's YA too.

The End.

And now back to what you were doing, or take a nap since you just got your bedtime story. Sweet dreams.


  1. Is this why I can't seem to buy betrayers anywhere? Its been driving me crazy because I need to know what happens. I'm so in love. Please tell me how I can get this book. Thanks and you're awesome.
    -Kaela LeBlanc

  2. I feel the same. I NEED to know how it ends