Sunday, 28 September 2014


Random hot dude who has to play someone in the movie?
 Who I imagine as Jake

Yes, you read that right. Born the movie. I know I have said a thousand times I would not want a movie, but you all have said a billion times you would, so I am joining your team.
If you would like BORN made into a movie or TV series, please go to this spot and rate this book trailer for BORN. I imagine if you rate low the odds of the movie being made are low, so bear that in mind.
Go and like the book trailer and the more likes the more likely it is the get picked up. It's that simple.
One more hot guy because it's Sunday? Okay
If you just want to watch over and over go to YouTube, I loaded the trailer for y'all

Hugs and smooches,



  1. Ummm...I picture Liam Hemsworth as Jake, and Henry Cavill as Will.

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