Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Hey everyone!!!
Man this book has been a real chore hahaha. First it deletes and then it gets stuck in preorder. Well here it is, careful reading it. I think it's cursed. 
Just wanted to thank everyone for the support of the characters and the story. My Roses are my babies. 
If you did preorder the other version of this book just know, it will never release. The preorder of Redeemers did not charge you and you will not receive it. You must purchase this one. 
Thanks so much and on to Betrayers!!!!!



  1. Loved the whole entire series!! Really loved how Blackwater and Midnight Coven tied into the originals. Can't wait until Betrayers is out!!

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  3. I love this series! Just wondering, will there be another book in "the light" series. If so, do you know when that might possible be? I've been waiting and reading updates on your blog to see if anything comes up. So far nothing /:

  4. do i need to read blackwater and midnight coven before i read this?