Monday, 9 June 2014

Announcements and stuff of that sort

Hello all!!!!

Just want to touch base since it's been a bit since I blogged.

I am no longer doing preorders.

Firstly, I don't feel like it did the thing I needed it to do. I really wanted preorder to answer the question, "When is _____ book coming out?" It didn't. I have used preorder for almost a year and still received a zillion of those questions.

Secondly, twice now an unedited copy of the book has gone out on preorder instead of the updated version of the book. I will not point fingers, but IT WAS ALL THEIR FAULT! I'm kidding (I'm totally not kidding). We are all to blame when something of this magnitude occurs. I should have downloaded the version that was going to go live and didn't and blah blah blah. The part that pisses me off about this is that it's my loyal readers who get the shitty copy when this happens. It isn't some random who snags the book because the cover is pretty, totally love you randoms, but it's the people who are dedicated to me getting the crap and that's not cool. So I want total control and domination as far as books go.

Thirdly, I suck at deadlines. I don't like having deadlines and being told what book when. The minute I have it I end up screwing it up.

From now on, the book will come when the editor is done. Not a moment sooner and no promise of release. Redeemers is still set for this week, we are doing our best to have it out.

My other big news is that Redeemers is a two-part book. Part one, Redeemers is out this weekend. The second part, Betrayers, is out about a month later, if not less. Not making any promises, see what I did there?

Each part is roughly 60k in words. They are completely for the fans of the Roses, one hundred percent. I would not have written them had the interest, and death threats, not occurred. So thank you all.

I have moved to Booktropolous Social because it is a networking site like Facebook but it is entirely for books. My page is Tara Brown. And my sister's page, my PA, is Erin Leigh. And lastly, don't forget to check out the other pages, Tara Brown and her four pen names. I feel like a moron but it's the best way to ensure you aren't reading a genre you no likey.

Tara Brown- Suspenseful Romance

Erin Leigh- Regular Romance 
AE Watson- Young Adult Readers
Sophie Starr- Porn, er… I mean Smut. No wait. It's Erotica. Yeah, Erotica. 
TL Brown- Adult Fantasy. That means naughty sex, just so you know. And a lot of it.

Cheers and happy Monday!


  1. LOL you crack me up! Just know us loyal readers will wait for you forever, and the "crapy copies" psh, as long as we get to read them! And thank you for all your books! I LOVED Redeemers. Was super dooper nervous with how you were gonna work some of that stuff with Dorian and the whats not, but, true to form, AMAZING! Anxious for all your releases! even the rewrites!! :D

  2. I must say you are one of my favorite authors. I'm currently reading Witches and have purchased all of ur books from barnes and noble. I'm confused as to why I can not purchase any of the further books(seriously u can only purchase like 4 out of all ur books from there-nookbooks) r u not selling through barnes and noble? I want to finishing purchasing the rest of what is available for this series as its one of my favorites please let me know
    Sincerely " feeling incomplete and hanging"