Thursday, 2 January 2014

Sophie Starr's Debut Novel!


What if Cinder Ella's story had a twist you never imagined could happen?

Maybe the twist is in the mind of the author.

Let me introduce you to my other side, Sophie Starr. She's a bit much.
She's explicit, so if you are under the age of 17, please stop reading! This story is not for you.This is not a Tara Brown novel. This is something very different, very dark.

Cinder Ella

Once Upon a Time in a land far far away,
there was a girl named Ella.
She was a brave young girl, with a heart of gold.
She had lost her mother when she was quite young but it hadn't changed her. For her father loved her more than anything in the whole world and that was enough.

When she was ten her father died, leaving her in the trusted care of her stepmother.

The woman had two children already. She had no desire to raise a third, nor room in her heart to love Ella.
Many years passed, painful years, that slowly closed off the heart of the young girl who would become a distant and cold young woman.

One day, the stepmother discovered her young burden, Ella, could finally serve a purpose. She could make her very rich.

You see there was a man with a mission, to make Ella his.

He lived in a castle filled with stories that would sicken a virtuous girl like Ella.
He had tastes that violated the natural laws of man and woman.
He had an image of how he wanted Ella to look and act and he had the necessary skills for making it happen.

But Ella had something even she didn't know about.
Being the special girl she was, she had been born with a destiny and a wish.
When she made her wish upon the star, something happened that changed everything for her.
She ended up getting help from someone very special to Ella, making it so she could go to the ball.

Not just any ball either. The ball the king was forcing upon the prince in an attempt to have him married off.

Just as Ella arrived at the party, she started to panic, fearing being a fraud at a ball she didn't fit into.
She looked long and hard at the people in the crowd, deciding she wasn't meant to be there.

She was ready to flee, instead of find her destiny as she had been told to do.
That was before her eyes caught his, a man in a mask.

The look was that of something no one really believed in. 
True love's first glance.
They found a corner of the party where no one would look for them.

From that moment on, the night got away from them, acts occurred that also violated the natural laws of men and women.
Knowing she was one of the walking dead, for she would not marry the man she was promised to, she gave herself completely to the man in the mask.

It was then that she realized, she had found her destiny. It was one night of everything and it would have to be enough to last a lifetime. Instead of death she would forfeit happiness, always clinging to the beautiful memories made in secret.

The clock struck midnight. You know how the story went. She fled, he chased, she got away.

You also know that night wasn't the end the story. The prince couldn't eat or sleep. He slowly started to go mad, trying desperately to find the girl who fit the shoe that had been left behind.

His father gave him a fortnight to find the girl.
The prince grew desperate in his attempts. He went door to door, armed with love and a single glass slipper.
He had a vision of what he would find…

But she was gone.

The mysterious woman who had claimed him body and soul had vanished with the twelfth chime of the clock tower.  

He faced the fact would have to marry one of the girls his father had chosen.

Want to know the rest?

Release date is January 7th 2014.


  1. WOW.. ok I know what I will be doing Jan 7th.. LOVE LOVE

  2. OK.... How can I pre-order? I will be reading this and eating it up! :)

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