Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Got Sequel??

Hey y'all!!!

I have news on vengeance and Blackwater and all the ends of the series you are waiting on.

I plan on finishing all my series this year. It's why I'm putting out standalones right now.
The problem tho is that I am rewriting ALL my older novels. My writing has developed and changed in a bunch of different ways and our editing team is completely overhauled. Even my cover artists have grown in their mad skills.
So The Devils Roses, The Born Trilogy, The Light Trilogy, Blackwater, The Blood Trail Chronicles, The Lonely, and The End of Me are all on the schedule for rewrite.
If I had one or two series or books it would be one thing.
But I have a bajillion.
I want them to be the best they can be. That means storyline changes, (maybe Will will live lol), cover changes, massive edits and yeah I'm tired just thinking about it.
It means before I can release the sequels and finishes I have to perfect the first books.

When I started this all a year and half - two years ago I was a newb. I knew eff all. I let my friends edit and made my own covers. Like all stories of evolution I have slowly crawled from the muck and sprouted arms and legs. Unfortunately this means I have a serious amount clean up to do. I want my old books to be at the level I feel they should be.
Sorry if this makes you hate me and chant wicked spells to curse me with writer juju. Sorry if this delays things. Sorry if it snowed where you are today and you're pissed off.
But I have to be the best I can be. I hate that people read Cursed because it's free and think that's my level of talent lol. I feel like 25 books later I might have improved. No perfection can be reached without constant practice and I have practiced like a mutha. Not that I'm perfect but I feel closer to awesome than I ever have.

With that being said it has been the constant support from all of you and criticism on the shit I sucked at that has helped so much. So thanks to you all!!!!


  1. Tara, I loved loved loved Vengeance, and I am DYING for the sequel!!! Please be merciful!! Lol!! Yes, I am being needy. Hope to read the sequel soon. I'm rooting for Grayeson!!

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  3. Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I have read ALOT (almost all) of your books, and I love every single one of them. And as far as Cursed goes, I did get that one because it was free... and fell in love with the book, all of them! And I cannot wait for Redeemers, or Daughters of the Black Blood, & Duplicities, lets just say all the of them. I am excited for your re-writes, but to say you don't want people to think of Cursed as your level of talent... Don't think that way! Your writing is phenomenal! All of it, you are such a gifted talented writer, don't sell yourself short :) Cheree


  5. Tara, I just finished reading the "Divergent" series, and it was painful to finish the last book (it was boring and awful!). I just wanted to tell you, you blow Veronica Roth out of the water! I wish you would make the Born and Roses series into movies. I'm anxiously awaiting Redeemers and Midnight Coven! Keep up the good work! :)

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