Monday, 3 June 2013

My Side of My Side

Well something unexpected has happened. My Side, the book I wrote to see if I even could, is in the top ten bestsellers on amazon. It's selling like mad. #1 in NA and #10 out of every book.
It's honestly just a chick lit-happy ever after, insecure female lead, with no love triangle. I did it entirely to see if I was capable. I write mind eff's, science fiction, fantasy and of course The End of Me. I like my books dark and messy, but I enjoyed the challenge of not scaring anyone or taking them to the edge of their seat or making a character you wanted as your BFF. I don't feel like I succeeded in making an amazing book but I feel like I succeeded in making an easy beach read or something to enjoy on a sunday afternoon. Here is the link if you feel like reading something on the lighter side of fiction. It's harmless and sweet I think.

I hope you like it. It was fun to write and I have a full on crush on Lochlan!!!

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