Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Meet Lochlan Barlow from My Side

Meet Lochlan Barlow!! Front man to Thin Ice, an up and coming indie band playing the Boston bar circuit. He is every woman's fantasy brought to life. Sex on a stick... Every woman except the one who gets to play house with him. Erin Benson couldn't be more disturbed when she discovers him entertaining a barmaid in her new apartment. Until she finds out it might not be hers. Somewhere between bear spray and handcuffs a second tenancy agreement is brought to light.
Erin and Lochlan are at a stalemate, neither wants to budge, when the landlord makes a new deal too sweet to pass up.
But late summer in Boston is hot, and sweaty nights can lead to temptations and misunderstandings.
Whose side are you on?

Well I pressed publish yet again. I'm starting to lose track of them all... hahaha I wish.
My side should be available by tomorrow, it's publishing day. I will have links for you all!!!

I hope you love it. It's my very first Romance novel. No weirdness or strange sex. No cliff hanger and no sequel. NO companion novel... Do not even ask!!! Just a happily ever after.
Ohhhh and no love triangle. That's right bitches... I did it.
This book was a challenge for me. I like all those other things in my books. This was harder. My female lead is weaker than any I have ever written. She is insecure and shallow. The whole thing was written for me by me to me happy.
But I still really hope you like it!! I have a lady parts crush on Lochlan myself... wow. Yummy. I am actually going to be booking some concert time in the next few months because I need to see some sexy men perform for me after this book. Yes, yes I do.

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