Friday, 14 March 2014


Hey all!!!

I am starting to get the summer release presales going. I mostly do them because it's easier for everyone to see what's next here. We will post buy links as soon as we have them. 

Anyway I am crazy excited about this one. 


I chose it because it was a constellation and when I looked up at it, I saw strength.
Strength I needed.

That was her name, the girl in the window.
The girl I couldn't shake.

I had come HERE for one thing and one thing only, revenge.
The girl in the window changed everything.
Even me.

But the one thing she couldn't change was the one thing that could tear us apart.
And that was the one thing I couldn't let happen.
Because no matter what I was there, HERE I was hers and she was mine.

From the author of the international bestseller Born comes a YA tale of love and the challenge of being from two very different worlds. Fans of young adult science fiction will love this tale of a boy on the road to seeking revenge and stumbling upon love everlasting.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Got Sequel??

Hey y'all!!!

I have news on vengeance and Blackwater and all the ends of the series you are waiting on.

I plan on finishing all my series this year. It's why I'm putting out standalones right now.
The problem tho is that I am rewriting ALL my older novels. My writing has developed and changed in a bunch of different ways and our editing team is completely overhauled. Even my cover artists have grown in their mad skills.
So The Devils Roses, The Born Trilogy, The Light Trilogy, Blackwater, The Blood Trail Chronicles, The Lonely, and The End of Me are all on the schedule for rewrite.
If I had one or two series or books it would be one thing.
But I have a bajillion.
I want them to be the best they can be. That means storyline changes, (maybe Will will live lol), cover changes, massive edits and yeah I'm tired just thinking about it.
It means before I can release the sequels and finishes I have to perfect the first books.

When I started this all a year and half - two years ago I was a newb. I knew eff all. I let my friends edit and made my own covers. Like all stories of evolution I have slowly crawled from the muck and sprouted arms and legs. Unfortunately this means I have a serious amount clean up to do. I want my old books to be at the level I feel they should be.
Sorry if this makes you hate me and chant wicked spells to curse me with writer juju. Sorry if this delays things. Sorry if it snowed where you are today and you're pissed off.
But I have to be the best I can be. I hate that people read Cursed because it's free and think that's my level of talent lol. I feel like 25 books later I might have improved. No perfection can be reached without constant practice and I have practiced like a mutha. Not that I'm perfect but I feel closer to awesome than I ever have.

With that being said it has been the constant support from all of you and criticism on the shit I sucked at that has helped so much. So thanks to you all!!!!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Sophie Starr's Debut Novel!


What if Cinder Ella's story had a twist you never imagined could happen?

Maybe the twist is in the mind of the author.

Let me introduce you to my other side, Sophie Starr. She's a bit much.
She's explicit, so if you are under the age of 17, please stop reading! This story is not for you.This is not a Tara Brown novel. This is something very different, very dark.

Cinder Ella

Once Upon a Time in a land far far away,
there was a girl named Ella.
She was a brave young girl, with a heart of gold.
She had lost her mother when she was quite young but it hadn't changed her. For her father loved her more than anything in the whole world and that was enough.

When she was ten her father died, leaving her in the trusted care of her stepmother.

The woman had two children already. She had no desire to raise a third, nor room in her heart to love Ella.
Many years passed, painful years, that slowly closed off the heart of the young girl who would become a distant and cold young woman.

One day, the stepmother discovered her young burden, Ella, could finally serve a purpose. She could make her very rich.

You see there was a man with a mission, to make Ella his.

He lived in a castle filled with stories that would sicken a virtuous girl like Ella.
He had tastes that violated the natural laws of man and woman.
He had an image of how he wanted Ella to look and act and he had the necessary skills for making it happen.

But Ella had something even she didn't know about.
Being the special girl she was, she had been born with a destiny and a wish.
When she made her wish upon the star, something happened that changed everything for her.
She ended up getting help from someone very special to Ella, making it so she could go to the ball.

Not just any ball either. The ball the king was forcing upon the prince in an attempt to have him married off.

Just as Ella arrived at the party, she started to panic, fearing being a fraud at a ball she didn't fit into.
She looked long and hard at the people in the crowd, deciding she wasn't meant to be there.

She was ready to flee, instead of find her destiny as she had been told to do.
That was before her eyes caught his, a man in a mask.

The look was that of something no one really believed in. 
True love's first glance.
They found a corner of the party where no one would look for them.

From that moment on, the night got away from them, acts occurred that also violated the natural laws of men and women.
Knowing she was one of the walking dead, for she would not marry the man she was promised to, she gave herself completely to the man in the mask.

It was then that she realized, she had found her destiny. It was one night of everything and it would have to be enough to last a lifetime. Instead of death she would forfeit happiness, always clinging to the beautiful memories made in secret.

The clock struck midnight. You know how the story went. She fled, he chased, she got away.

You also know that night wasn't the end the story. The prince couldn't eat or sleep. He slowly started to go mad, trying desperately to find the girl who fit the shoe that had been left behind.

His father gave him a fortnight to find the girl.
The prince grew desperate in his attempts. He went door to door, armed with love and a single glass slipper.
He had a vision of what he would find…

But she was gone.

The mysterious woman who had claimed him body and soul had vanished with the twelfth chime of the clock tower.  

He faced the fact would have to marry one of the girls his father had chosen.

Want to know the rest?

Release date is January 7th 2014.

Monday, 30 December 2013

How is it 2014 in a couple days?

I don't know where the year went.
I know I sat in this chair a lot. I wrote a lot.
That makes me happy though. I love writing; it's like breaking off pieces of me and setting them free like doves, to soar. Only God knows what they will become and whom they will meet.
I dreamt when I was a little girl that one day I would be a writer. I used to practice my witty things I would say on Oprah for when I became a madly successful author. I dreamt I would be as amazing as Jane Austen. Ha. When I turned out to be more like James Patterson, I was comfortable with it. He is a great man, and if I can emulate him in any way, I will take it.
The year 2013 has been the most bittersweet year of my life.
My husband was up for transfer. In the federal policing world that means I could be moved anywhere in Canada. But my child had grown very sick, near deathly. It was a dark winter and The Lonely crept out of me like an alien might. Then The End of Me. My books were starting to feel like they were clicking and my skill as a writer was happening. But my sick child was much more important than anything else. So while my husband, who I love on a Dorian level of love, waited on the Eastern Coast of Canada, I moved to the West. It’s more than 5000 miles away. My daughter was better the second day we arrived back in the Western Desert. That was a miracle.
So I lived with my mother, writing books in her office while she hung out with my kids.
Meanwhile, The Born Trilogy grew to such success that I received Big Six notice and international offers. And all of you readers became part of my 'us' and understood my deep love for the cast of that series. You cried with me and laughed with me and hated that you loved Will with me.
I put out a bunch of books, none of which were the ones you were looking for—I still have the emails proving it. 
I did try to go home to the East Coast when she was healed but she was sick again within the week of arriving. So I came back out West. I had the shirt on my back, a few clothes in a bag, and a new townhouse I had rented off of Kijiji.
But we had something else. We had money like we had never had in our marriage. It was enough, more than enough, to buy a new car and new furniture, and stay here in the West while I waited for my husband's transfer.
And that is because of you. You readers have made me the success I have become, almost overnight really. You made it so that when I had to make a drastic change in my life that would have bankrupted me before, I could do it easily.
Thank you.
Not everything was ROSES though, was it? I have had some interesting things, like my laptop glitching and destroying Redeemers—I have those emails too.
We have also had some books pop up that no one expected. I know you hate it, but I have to write what I have to write. I have almost no willpower.
But it wasn't all crummy stuff.
I have been invited to ridiculous events, one where I am even a guest keynote speaker with frikken’ Abbi Glines, thank you very much. How awesomesauce is that?
I have been in the top 50 Indies in the world for seven months.
I have had books sit at number 6 & 7 on Amazon's top hundred list for weeks at a time.
I have somewhere close to 20,000 reviews in the world—okay they aren't all amazing 5 stars but my average rating is 4 stars and the 1 stars make me laugh. Actually, some of the best lessons I have learned have come from 1 star reviews. Never look a gift 1 star review in the mouth!! You never know what kind of wisdom someone who hates your books has.
Another highlight of the year has been working with the excellent authors I do. Cambria Hebert, Lizzy Ford, LP Dover, Cameo Renae, Alyssa Rose Ivy, Melissa Andrea, Tabatha Vargo, Mari Arden, Rebecca Ethington,  Quinn Loftis, Kresley Cole, Shelly Crane, Airicka Phoenix, Ruthi Kight, Derinda Love, Christy Sloat, Kate Avery Ellison, Georgia Cates, Tara Woods, RK Ryals, Kate Mathias, Amber Garza, Miranda Stork, Jennifer Dominico, Emily Walker, Cat Miller, Colleen Hoover, Jennifer Miller, Kelly Robinson, Kendall Grey, Jessica Sorensen, Abbi Glines—okay this is getting silly. I can't list them all. If I missed you, I still love you. I just want this post to end at some point.
The point is, I work in an industry filled with brilliant talent. I am grateful to be surrounded (electronically surrounded) by such amazing people. Every one of them shares cover reveals and book releases and if we are excited because our floss made the shape of Jesus in the trash bin. These are the most supportive people. We are always there for each other with advice, a joke, a warning about that psycho in-boxing everyone.
Then there are the bloggers. I just love you peeps. That is all. You know who you are.
Another highlight has been getting to know my readers. It touches me, even when it takes me three months to respond. I read the emails, I read them all. Even the random ones I find in the 'other inbox' on Facebook—what's up with that anyway? Whose genius idea was that?
Anyway, 2014 is going to bring some more changes. My husband's transfer is in the North, like OMG North. Like on the highway to visit Cameo Renae . . . So that’s going to be new. But it is a great environment for my daughter, which is the most important part. Being a family living together again is also important! A year apart is horrid. I have such respect for Military Families now, it isn’t even funny.
The problem though, is I've just discovered I am moving in March, right when I am meant to be attending the Aussie convention on the Gold Coast. So that might get interesting. I am still going to try to make it. I mean come on, Abbi Glines!!! You might actually see me fan girl. I know I have strict policies on fan girling, but it could happen.
But my priority this year, now that my child is healthy, is going to be my health. Unfortunately, sitting in this chair for twelve hours a day is bad for me. Who knew?
I have been starting to show signs of illness, not the good kind. Not the kind a little medication takes away!
So as much as I want to say this year is going to be all about the books, it's not. It's going to be about balance. I need to fit some working out into the plan. Some good ol’ get yurrr butt up and run around! Oh and eat salad, no croutons.
But I think we can all use a little more balance in our world, I don't think I'm alone in this.
So that is my New Year’s ressie. I am going to create balance in my world, and eating less croutons.
I adore you all. If you are reading this, it was meant for you.
And just know I have so many books on the go, I dare say we won't be short on them. I am joining an indie publishing house, literally joining the ranks of it. They have some cool things to offer, high prices is not one of them. Not much is going to change at Tara Brown. Maybe I will work on oversharing a little less. I know it gets uncomfortable sometimes with the Jesus floss and whatnot.

When you ring in the New Year, get your loved ones to give you an extra hug from me!!

Friday, 20 December 2013

How dark do you like it?

So this happened a while back.
It is a fated romance about two lovers and their fight to be reunited. I am testing out the fun of a blog tour, something I have never done before.
The story is of Estelle, a girl who has no right to love theperson she does, and Edmond, a man whose heart has already been claimed once when he was young and foolish enough to fall for the charms of a wicked Encantado.

There a twist to the story I have not done before and a darkness to the story I think most of you will enjoy.

The book 

In the Fading Light 

Separated by a curse but bound by love

In the fading light of the night, their eyes meet where their lips cannot. It is a single second that sustains their love.

From the moment her eyes met his, Estelle Dumont was captivated. Her heart would always be his. But Edmond Lamont's heart wasn't entirely hers. He had been in love once before, tricked by the fair beauty of encantado named Lisle.
Desperate to rid themselves of the curse she placed upon them, they must decide how far they are willing to go.
They must decide if their love is more important than their lives.

But how far is too far and what cost is too much?

A dark NA tale of everything you love about Tara Brown books.

Releasing Feb. 20th 2014

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Want to meet Prince Charming?

Finley Roze is exactly what she appears to be.
Callous, selfish, shallow, and completely friggen unlucky.
Everything changes when she meets him.
But Aiden Sorenson isn't what he seems.
And when Finley discovers just WHAT he is, she is not as impressed as she should be.
She's scared.

Do not miss out on this season's hottest new YA romance.
Can be bought here at Amazon

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Long Way Home cover

In case you see it and think it's a new book, I wanted to let you know here first, we have changed the cover of The Long Way Home. It apparently was quite similar to another book and I hate that. I'm a cover whore, I love my covers. I want them to be original, well as original as they can be in the sea of novels out there. So this is the new cover for The Long Way Home. I had googled the ever loving hell out of high heels and hockey skates to be sure we weren't jacking ideas from people but never found a single book in any bestsellers or lists. The one in question never came up, at all. But it was mentioned to me not to long ago and of course started to bug me. So here it is….