Friday, 9 December 2016

End of Series!!

Hey everyone!!

Just wanted to do an update. We have changed a couple things, releasing books in the same series all back to back, since you've waited so long we think you deserve it.
This next 6 months we will see the end of all series books.
This is a brief catch up on all the series and where we are at with them. Like I said, 2017 will be about two books a month release schedule, to catch us up. I don't know how Lizzie Ford does this all the time. Whew! It's exhausting.

Bed Buddies - This is releasing next. We are shooting for December 23rd, as a Christmas gift to you all. It is the final book in the Puck Buddies/Roommates series. It is from Nat and Sami's POVs.

The Royals Trilogy (AKA White Girl Problems Trilogy) - These are the releasing back to back. We will have both out in January. The titles are A Royal Affair and A Royal Wedding.

The Seventh Day - These are releasing back to back as well. Barring any hiccups, we are shooting for February releases. The titles are The Last Hour and Earth's End.

Crimson Cove Mysteries - This last book releases end of February or beginning of March. This is the end of the series. There will be another big purse giveaway, a special one, when it releases.

The Single Lady Spy Series - These last two books are releasing back to back in March. They are the last of the series.

The Blood Trail Chronicles - This last book, Valiant, is releasing in April. It is the end of this series.

The Devil's Roses - We are looking at starting the releases in the early spring for the rest of them. They're the wrench in the works right now, slowing everything else down. They have added somewhere around 4 months of extra editing. Andrea is ready to strangle me, luckily she lives 5000 miles away...
The final book, Betrayers will be released as two books. One will be NA for you sexy times lovers and the other will be YA for the no sex readers. You can purchase whichever you like, they will release on the same day. After about a month, the adult version of the Roses will be discontinued. And only the YA version will remain for sale. I cannot release these faster, we don't even have covers done, they're all ordered and being made. As they aren't a layered photoshop project for a designer, they take longer. They're actual drawings.

Imaginations - Not sure if you guessed this or not, but there is a final book to this series. The cover is so OMG. We will be releasing this as soon as the Roses are all done. I would say May/June. This will end the Imaginations series.

The Lonely - Yes, I promised a Sebastian book and you will get it this summer. It will be the final glimpse into the Lonely.

Born - The Prequel and the Sequel are both still planned. The prequel will come first. We don't have a date yet and titles are still being worked on, as are covers.

Please be patient with us, we are also sending about 30 book packs to my agent for traditional publishing in this time. I'm not just behind on indie books...

This ends our series books. We will be sad to see them all go but we are excited for the start of new things.

Thanks so much,



Saturday, 3 December 2016


Hyde is Live!!

This is the YA version that is newly edited.

When she wakes in the trunk of a car, Hanna is certain of what has happened.
But as the car slows and her captor comes to light, she realizes he’s not just freeing her, he’s also opening the door to another world.
One where a dusty stack of journals drag her into confusion.
There is something more to the world she has been forced into, something she cannot comprehend.
History and the present collide in this explosive tale of betrayal fighting our inner demons.
You can run from yourself, but you cannot Hyde.

It's on Amazon only here!

Wednesday, 16 November 2016


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Four Crimson Corners.
Book 4 in the Crimson Cover Mystery Series.

It's Gossip Girl meets Pretty Little Liars.
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Four Crimson Corners

Four Crimson Corners is LIVE!!

Some of the links anyway.
Amazon Canada -

iBooks - not yet
Kobo - any second
B&N - let's be real they take forever

Paperback - processing
Stay tuned!!

Love, lilies, and a lady in black?
Some things you expect in the spring in Crimson Cove, and others you don't.
The five girls have come to expect it all over the course of the eight months, but when a woman in black starts haunting their footsteps not one of them is prepared for the tidings she brings.
Or who she's related to.
But as the residents of our favorite little town start to squirm under the pressure of the mounting numbers of deaths, the girls start to see the pattern in the crimes being committed.
They start to see that no one is safe, because the killer can reach all four of the Crimson corners.
Don't miss the frightening fourth book in The Crimson Cove Mystery Series.

Can you catch a killer before they catch you?

Crimson Cove Mysteries

The journey into Crimson Cove starts here.

If at First

Sun, Sand, and Sexy Boys.
These are the three things needed to make a stellar summer.
Unless of course you live in Crimson Cove, where you also have to account for dead bodies and missing persons.
When a summer party turns into a crime scene five unlikely girls band together to discover the truth behind what happened August 4th.
A date no one is likely to forget for a long time.
Along the way they discover love, strength, and friendships that last a lifetime.

Where were you when the lights went out?

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The book is free on iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, and B&N and .99 on Amazon.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

A Royal Pain

Once upon a time, I wrote a story making fun of white girl problems.
Then racial tension became a problem, I suspect it always was it just exploded in our faces and I didn't want to be part of that.
I would die if someone told me they felt excluded from the books I wrote because of racism.

So I bring you, A Royal Pain.
And it is book one of the Royals Trilogy.

When a severely drunk, and slightly drugged, Finley Roze slipped into a hospital bed, she never imagined it would start her on a path to meeting the man of her dreams. 
Mostly because she didn't believe in the man of her dreams, what seventeen year old even thinks of that?  
But when Aiden Sorenson turns out to be Mr. Right, everything else ends up being wrong, including Finley's family history.  
Finley is exactly what she appears to be, callous, selfish, shallow, and completely friggen unlucky.
But everything changes when she meets him. 
Even if Aiden isn't what he seems. 
When Finley discovers just WHAT he is, she is not as impressed as she should be. 

She's scared. 
The problem with meeting Prince Charming is letting yourself be open to the possibility of True Love 

Don't miss this True Love Story, AKA a fairytale romance.  

Just don't tell Finley.  

You will want to check out this season's most sarcastically, romantic YA read!!
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Thursday, 29 September 2016

First Kiss, the standalone!

It's Live!!!!!
First Kiss

A girl. A curse. A kiss.
The Lakes are not only famous for founding the small town of Lakeland, but also for killing off any man who would dare love them.
Just one little kiss and he will perish, or so the rumors say.
Erralynn Lake has never been a fan of rumors, or Lakeland.
She can’t wait to move away and spread her wings.
But as she plans her escape, an unlikely cold wind blows into town, bringing with it something wicked.
Things crawl from the shadows with stories of a curse, a girl, and a kiss.
And nothing makes sense.
Because Erralynn Lake isn’t who she thinks she is.
And Lakeland isn’t her real home.
It fact, it might not be anyone’s real home.
Crawl into the fairytale that will leave you wishing there was a rabbit to follow through the insanity.
First Kiss

This is a standalone, YA Twisted Fairytale