Sunday, 25 September 2016

BANE the YA Version

Where there is power, there is fear.
Especially when you don’t know you’re different.
Seventeen-year-old Ari has never been one to wish for a life less ordinary.
So when less ordinary lands her in a dark alley, alone and altered, she doesn’t know how to cope or where to go.
Her hands are still warm from the life she took—the life she loved.
Her heart is broken from the cold place she has landed, away from the warmth of her family.
Her mind is filled with memories of events that didn’t happen. At least not to her.
As impossible as it sounds, she realizes she is the reason her life has changed and the only one who can get it back.
Her power, frightening as it is, can offer people a second chance.
But everything has a cost.
Book Two of the Devil’s Roses.

This is the YA version of Bane.

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We are waiting on Barnes and Noble and iBooks.

Happy reading.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Let's do it again

Schedule of release update...
We're taking longer than I hoped on editing the Roses books. Rewriting them is death, an actual curse and bane.
I had POV chaos in them, so all will be first person.
And no more rapidly changing POV.
My writing is very different.
The core story and the pace isn't changing, just the mess. And the sex. No more sex.
And there are just so many books in the series and they are so messy, which added 18 weeks of editing to our already zesty schedule. I am hoping Bane will be done this week.
I won't be doing ARCs because we are going directly from edits to publish in order to speed things up for you guys. Plus, I don't have free time for promotion. All free time is for family.
Which means limited promotion, just pumping out books. Sort of how I used to do it before my $200k renovation took over my life hahahaha ***Sobbing***
Apparently I am the WORST at promotion. We all have to be the worst at something, I suppose. So if I ask for you to share a thunderclap, that's me promoting the next book lol.
My bathroom is nearly finished, the last room to be renovated in this house until next summer when we add a rec room and push out the front of the house. Dear sweet baby Jesus help me. After this bathroom is done in two weeks, I don't have anymore crews in the house for 9 glorious months.
The whole nine months is going to be me working and hiding in my house, except for two signings in October this year. But even then I will be working in Ireland and North Carolina, yay me!!!
Anyway, the books are done and coming. The editor just has a back log. The Roses are mostly to blame.
Certain books are getting pushed to the front of the Roses pile because I need them done before Roses. This is our best case scenario for releases. It's what I have asked our team to hit, no pressure
***insert eye roll and wine drinking here***
Bane - September 22nd - cross fingers
First Kiss - September 30th
Hyde - October 15th
Four Crimson Corners - October 31st
Hang Five - November 15th
The Last Hour - November 27th
Bed Buddies - December 14th
Witch - December 25th
Death - January 10th
Blackwater - January 24th
Black Widow - February 14th
Midnight Coven - February 20th
Redeemers - March 5th
Betrayers March 19th
Valiant - April 2nd
Earth's End - April 20th
End of Lies - April 30th
End of Love - May 14th
Reparations - May 31st
It's the Lizzy Ford two books a month schedule. I don't know how she does it but I am about to feel it.
The only books that are firm for dates are - Four Crimson Corners, Bed Buddies, and Black Widow. The rest we will hope to the gods of publishing for good luck. 
This is the best I can do.

Monday, 25 July 2016

First Kiss

First Kiss
A girl. A curse. A kiss.
The Lakes are not only famous for founding the small town of Lakeland, but also for killing off any man who would dare love them.
Just one little kiss and he will perish, or so the rumors say.
Erralynn Lake has never been a fan of rumors, or Lakeland.
She can’t wait to move away and spread her wings.
But as she plans her escape, an unlikely cold wind blows into town, bringing with it something wicked.
Things crawl from the shadows with stories of a curse, a girl, and a kiss.
And nothing makes sense.
Because Erralynn Lake isn’t who she thinks she is.
And Lakeland isn’t her real home.
It fact, it might not be anyone’s real home.
Crawl into the fairytale that will leave you wishing there was a rabbit to follow through the insanity.
First Kiss

Coming soon.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Puck Buddies is live!!!!!!!!!

Puck Buddies is LIVE!!!!!!!!!!! And we have a special price this week for release week. The sale ends next week.

The links are here -

And it is on KDP, because Amazon loves me. This week.

Even better Roommates is on sale tomorrow for .99

Monday, 1 February 2016

Third Time's a Charm

I promised a teaser.
Sierra was the most fun to write. She isn't anything like we expected her to be. She's the opposite actually.
I am hoping to be done this in the next couple days so I can get it to Andrea and we can finish her off.
This book will haunt my dreams for a while.
Unedited teaser
Third Time's a Charm
Copyright Tara Brown
Love is bursting with expectations.
But only to those who have never been in love.
I used to think it would feel a certain way and I would be different as a result of the person I would be in love with.
I expected great things from it, in me and just in general.
I would become great.
But glancing across the room at him, hunched over his computer, typing faster than I could think, I realized love owed me nothing.
It owed me no promises or changes.
Love loved me the way I was.
It didn't want to change me or fix me or perfect anything.
He was love.
He felt dangerous and precious and frightening.
Not frightening compared to what we had been through but in the way I knew losing this tiny thing, tiny connection, tiny obsession, would crush me.
Something so small could kill me faster than the something huge that was already trying to kill me.
And through him I saw that I was wasn't so bad.
I didn't need to be different.
I needed to be me.
I needed to stop pretending to be something I wasn't.
He saw past that anyway.
It took me a while to understand that I needed him not to fix me or perfect me or change me.
I needed him to love and accept me, all of me, for who I was.
We never spoke of it and he never offered it, but I could tell that was the way things were with us. He just did and I just was.
I was more than the girl who had narrowly escaped a psycho killer and he was more than the guy who had been watching, not unlike the psycho killer had been.
He was the face bursting through the door, eyes wide—lips trembling.
He was an angel.
The scars fading from my arms and legs and abdomen, places a bad person had offered me proof of their hatred, wouldn't ever fade enough to take it all away. But when he touched them it was as if the marks themselves changed. They each became his signature, his knife, his love, marking me.
Each time his unsure lips brushed against the hardened skin it healed the spots a little bit more. I didn't notice a difference in the look but they felt different, less harsh. Maybe they were healing from the inside.
I was.
He paused in his typing, lifting his head and giving me a smile. Not a charming smile, he never did charming. He didn't know how to be anything but authentic. “You going to get the Chinese food?”
“I guess.” My smile was charming, I didn’t know how to be anything inauthentic.
“Sierra, I’m starving.” He laughed and said it matter-of-factly, the only tone he had.
Never would I have imagined a guy making me blush with a plain and boring tone like that one, but he did. When a boy told you he loved you from the very instant he saw you, you smiled and pinned that moment somewhere important in your mind. But when he said it with no flair or charm or pretense, he said it like it was the most important fact in his life, you blushed. He didn't need flair. He had truth. It was all he had.
I was the most important thing in his life. It was a fact. It was something he not only believed but also lived by. He didn't say it. He didn't try to convince me. He didn't shower me with gifts or niceties. It was just a fact. Every one of his actions showed me.
From the rock he kept in his pocket, the one he found on the beach with my blood on it, to the lock of my hair that he risked his life to get back, I knew he loved me. I believed it like it was the most important fact in my life.
It was.
He was.
I am shooting for April 14th

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Dumbledore trusted him...

When I read Harry Potter the first time, it was 2003 and the first five books were out. Normally I don't like to start a series until the books are all out. But I had a toddler, a baby, and a mom in a coma. They were my escape from some harsh realities at the time.
I hated so many things in the books but I couldn't stop ploughing through them.
I was reading the story with fresh eyes and a serious lack of understanding.
But when I reached the last book years later, and experienced the plot twist, that I still feel was one of the best, I nearly died.
J.K. Rowling had worked me exquisitely.
I should have known.
Dumbledore trusted him and so should I have.
But I didn't.
I literally had to close my book and feel everything as I heaved and sobbed.
I was overwhelmed with guilt for the feelings I'd had.
The plain and simple truth was that I hated Snape a little bit. I'd always seen the struggling and tortured child who grew to be a detached and angry man, but I didn't see the rest of him.
I thought he was a bully and weak and bitter. I'd glimpsed the tip of the iceberg, not realizing the depth she'd written.
In the moments where I met the real Severus, I fell in love with the character and the story and his anguish. And I adored the pain in my chest upon meeting him, finally.
I fell in love with his strength.
His life had never actually been lived.
His journey had hardly began when Lily, his true love died. And instead of moving on and living a life, he spent his last years protecting her son. The son she had with a man who made Severus the man he had became.
You see I hated James Potter as much as I hated Severus, no more. He too was a cruel bully who got away with being terrible to weak people, and only because he was on the right side. He picked on the socially awkward.
I'm socially awkward.

And then the movies happened.

Alan Rickman brought to life the man I'd barely been able to imagine. How I saw him and how he was when Alan portrayed him, couldn't even compare.
I will forever remember this brilliant actor as if he was my friend. Not because I knew him but because he helped me know someone very important to me.
And because he was Colonel Brandon who I loved more than anyone. Except Captain Wentworth.

I hate that he is gone.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

The Devil's Roses

Once upon a time...

In a cold and harsh land called Canada, there was a young author. She was very beautiful and very amazing—oops, this is the version I tell my husband...

This author wrote some books—okay she wrote a lot of books. She was new to being an author and sort of sucked but she had these amazing readers who valued her because they could see the potential in her. It took a long time for her to get things right, probably longer than everyone else but who's counting?
As she was struggling and finding her way, she got some feedback from readers, demanding sexy times in her series, The Devil's Roses. In fact most agreed the series needed sex.
For months they cried that they wanted, no needed to saver some red hot vampire—angel—werewolf sex. They wrote and wrote, begging and pleading for her to consider adding sex to the books she had liked as a PG NA.
After some consideration, she caved. She added the sex and the series, which had been a firm PG NA, became an +18 only. She added naughty sex and fun sex and quick sex.
Eventually she got tired of the sex and saw it as more of a filler. it just wasn't how she imagined the series.
Many years later as she rewrote and rewrote the ending of the series, she realized she just didnt love the turn the books had taken, and decided to change it. She decided to take it back to its roots. Back to the place that had made her so happy.

Essentially I am trying to hypnotize you by taking so long to say that I am redoing The Devil's Roses for the third time. I want you calm and comatose so that you don't fling poo at me.

If you like the all right versions that are out there now, that's okay. And I love you for liking them. But I need to take back the story and put it back to the way I loved it. I cannot finish the final book until I do.

And to make matters worse, I am making it YA, not NA. There will be SO MUCH LESS SEX IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY. We are talking angst and daydreaming and possible kisses in corners when no one is looking. But we will not (children look away) play just the tip, just for a minute, just to see how it feels.

They will be redone completely. Recovered completely. Reimagined completely. And they will end in a way that strongly suggests a spinoff series is coming. Mostly because one is. It's YA too.

The End.

And now back to what you were doing, or take a nap since you just got your bedtime story. Sweet dreams.