Monday, 16 November 2015

Moving and other nonsense


I just want to say I am so sorry.

I made a plan and then God laughed at me and my plan, and then hell broke loose for me personally.
I am now going to refuse planning, it's bad luck. It's asking to test the fates.
I have been humbled by this experience and realize I am nothing more than a spec of dust amid a sand storm and my planning days are over as a result.We will now call is goal setting.Goals are allowed.Firm plans, no. Not allowed.

Summer was the start of some interesting things here in the Brown household. My husband has an interesting job. And like Forrest Gump once said, "That is all I have to say about that."We call him Batman. He's badass. But I end up moving a lot as a result of his badassary.In the fall my kids moved many hours away from us because we knew we would be moving mid semester and high school students can't really move like that. So they have been living there with family for a while. Every time I go see them it's a ten hour drive each way.I have been down there more times than I needed to but we don't do long distance parenting well. I miss them terribly. I also miss their ability to do all their chores. So on top of missing my kids, extra work around the house, and the fact we have been house hunting like crazy people in a town 10 hours away from us, I also have a job.

I owe you books, 5 to be exact.I know this.I also know this feeling you are having, the one where you want to stab me in the eye with a fork.Believe it or not, this has happened to me as a reader only way worse.A long time ago I was addicted to a series called The Wheel of Time series by a lovely man named Robert Jordan, still adore the character Matrim Cauthon more than any other in the world. Book boyfriend number one for me.Anyway, it was the most impeccable fantasy series I have ever read, beyond Tolkien. Obviously.I was years into this series, like a decade, when Robert died suddenly. We were awaiting the next book and he died. The series wasn't finished. I felt that fork stabbing sensation far before I felt sad for his family's loss. So while I am snivelling away here, begging for your patience as I try to get my personal life under control, and you are imagining the fork in the eye, I want you to know, I get it.I also don't want a fork in the eye. At all.

So before forking me, the one thing you should know is series books are a lot of work.The 3 Blood and Bone books took me a year to write. I used to whip them out when I first started, but they weren't as awesome as they could have been. Now I like to think they are closer to awesome, mostly because we discovered something called fact checking and proper editing. The point I am trying to make is that putting out a rom-com like Roommates pays my bills and it comes out with very little fact checking. I don't have to reread a million books and data check and all of that. I can just write the book, hand it to the editor, hand to the betas, and release. It is a simple read so the work to write it is a lot simpler.

Now to the part you actually want to read about.

The Devil's Roses finale, Betrayers is a lot of work to finish. Mostly because there is a spin off series coming from it. It will be a completely separate series that you will not have to read the devil's roses to understand. It will just be a YA paranormal romance that if you read the devil's roses, will make you smile a lot. I want that smile so I have to make sure this book is perfect. I am working on that. It is completed and I am rewriting as we speak.

The Light series ending, The End of Days, is devastating and I am certain that you will hate me lol. The problem we have just had is a lot of the battle takes place in Paris. That is not acceptable right now with the state of the world. So I am going through and removing any trace of it. That means a couple extra days with the changes and then off to the editor. The book is ready to rock and roll, we are just dotting i's and crossing t's. I am being picky I think.

The Single Lady Spy series is being pushed to January. I am so sorry, but it's just got to move. I can't finish it and move and finish the others. I am human unfortunately.

The Blood Trail Chronicles is in the same boat as Betrayers. It is a work in progress right now. Completed but being rewritten.

The Seventh Day spinoff, The Last Hour, will be done at around christmas but my editor needs holidays, she's selfish, so it will release in January... It's done, I am rewriting it and self editing it. I have to say this is the book I am most excited about everyone reading.

Third Time's a Charm is on schedule.

The dates I am aiming for as far as releases go

Soul and Blade - Nov. 17th
The End of Days - Nov. 25th
Then I move out and live in a hotel for a week with my 4 pets...
Then I close on my new house and move in
Third Time's a Charm - Dec. 20th
Valiant - December 26th
Betrayers - December 30th
The End of Lies - January 16th
The Last Hour - January 23rd
The End of Love - January 30th - My birthday
The Earth's End - February 6th

The only book I am guaranteeing will not be late is third Time's a Charm. The rest will be plus or minus a couple weeks depending my stress levels and the amount of wine I drink. Or if I switch to rum and eggnog. And obviously Andrea, the editor. She does get some vacation time.

Puck Buddies and Bedmates will happen in there. I am hoping to have them Christmas and End of February maybe. I will know after I move into the new house how we are doing.

Don't stress when you see the schedule and think it's aggressive, these books are all in the rewrite stage. They have covers and edit dates and everything they need to happen. I just need to not be a ball of stress for them to happen.

Hope you made it to the bottom of this giant post. I know I barely did.

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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Second Nature

This is a little teaser for you all.

Halloween Scream
October 31, 2015


The noise of the creaking stairs, the ones I had just crept up, sounded like it echoed in my ears. Someone had followed us here.
“Jake,” I whispered, hoping he was messing around. If he was, I would be angry. I lifted one leg after the other and slipped my high heels off, holding them both so I could tiptoe through the half-constructed mansion without making noise.
Jake didn't answer, but the footsteps had stopped from the moment I whispered.
The scary movie marathon we’d had before Rachel died flashed through my head, bringing ideas and memories with it. I tiptoed around the corner, brushing my Frankenstein’s bride dress on the rough edge where the unfinished walls met. The drywall scraped against me, making me wince as I hurried along the corridor to the back deck. Whoever was in the house with me was either moving silently too or they were standing still, listening.
Either way, I had a terrible feeling this wasn't a game.
That meant one thing: Jake was injured or hiding.
And I was alone.
My heart raced, my eyes burned from not blinking—fearful I would miss something—and my mouth was as dry as a mouthful of popcorn.
The floor creaked.
I froze.
“Sierra,” someone whispered into the dark.
My skin crawled when I realized it wasn't Jake. It wasn't his whisper. I’d heard that enough times, always in the dark, to know it wasn't him.
“Sierra, don't be scared.” It sounded like something it couldn't be, but I didn't believe. I stayed perfectly still, waiting for the moment I needed to run to the back deck and jump down onto the sandy beach.
What had the girls in the horror movies done wrong? What could I avoid? My mind raced, remembering the runners always got caught. They always got stabbed. Usually in the back. The thought of it made my skin burn where I imagined the knife would slice.
The hiders always got caught. They were the ones breathing too loudly or hiding in stupid places.
“Sierra, I won’t hurt you if you come to me.”
I squeezed my eyes shut for half a second and waited for the answer, the right choice, to pop into my head.
A dog barked, making me jump and open my eyes. The sound was joined by the creaking of the floorboards again.
With gentle breaths and controlled movements I crept along the hallway, entering the spot where the kitchen or master bedroom would likely go. The house was freshly sealed with windows and doors, but it was still in the drywall stage with plywood floors.
The massive back deck was through the white French doors, facing the beach and open ocean. The moon offered light, enough to make shadows move with me.
I hurried to an alcove I assumed would one day be a nook for a breakfast bar or maybe the ensuite soaker tub. I pressed my back against the wall and stared at the bright white French doors. If I could make it to them, I was free.
If only I had my cell phone, I could call the police or Jake or Vincent. Someone would come and help me. Even Ashton might answer.
But that wasn't an option. I scolded myself for my weakness in me and forced my focus to be on the doors. They were my answer. They were my hope.
As I exhaled and plotted my moment to run and everything I would do from that point on, the floor creaked in the hallway behind me.
It was now or never.
Live or die.
I took one more breath and pushed off from the wall…

Who is getting excited about Second Nature?

Monday, 24 August 2015

Progress Report

If this were an actual business and not my hectic version of it, we would have quarterly reports. This one would be disappointing.

I set a schedule for the year, hoping to accomplish things. I do know they are not set in stone since I am the only person in my job who can do it, I don't have a clone just yet but I am hoping science is working on this. Family, pets, life, and all the other stuff has the potential to rain on my parade/schedule and this last two years there has been some serious rain.

But I can't feel bad about where I am. I have worked really hard, through the obstacles.

My progress for the year

In the last 8 months I have written and published or written and sold 6 novels, rewritten 5 whole novels and back edited 30. Let's be honest though, the back editing is done by my editor, I just fix the corrections she gives me. I can't take that credit.
I have sold books in deals and joined two anthologies, one is coming out in the fall this year. The book I am adding is a full length novel.
I have 5 other books written that are not published, I am picking them apart still, and have two books in the process of getting back edited.
I have re-covered a LOT of my old books, hoping to spruce them up a bit.
And I made it to 3 signings.

It has technically been a very successful 8 months.

My goal is still to finish the series I have open before the end of the year, and now that I am moving yet again it's going to get interesting. My husband is being transferred again, at least to a warmer place this time lol.

The books that will be done by the end of the year, no matter what—even if I have to sleep at my mom's desk while my houses get moved—

End of Days

Those books are on the MUST PUBLISH list. Most are plotted and covered and blurbed and half written, if not all written but needing rewrites. So this is a goal I can and will attain.

Second Nature, a standalone book called Second Chances, and the Seventh Day books are coming too but if some of them have to be released next year because of the move I won't be upset. Moving takes a month. I'm lucky that I can stay with my mom and work at her house while the movers do the shitty stuff.

So fingers crossed this goes smoothly and I don't end up with any delays.

Hope you're all well and had a fabulous summer!!

Thursday, 23 July 2015

One broken ankle, another transfer, and partridge in a pear tree...

Very big changes!

Remember when I said the schedule was based on my life going smoothly?
That was me talking but that subtle chuckle in the background was God laughing.
I don't know why I ever plan anything.
Firstly, I'm an Aquarius and secondly, I am married to someone who gets moved a lot. Like military lot only he is Batman.
So the whole schedule has been blown-maybe lol. I am moving. I am moving some time in the next few months lol... when you ask? I don't know. Again, that's not up to me.
What do I know?

That's easy.

I'm going to work as hard as I can to finish the books I have going, finish the deals I have in the background, and get as caught up as I can so the move doesn't interfere too hard. That's what I know.

The release schedule has changed. I'm not rushing books so this is it. These are the months they are being worked on, hopefully to be released around there.

- The End of Tomorrow - July, 2015 - Released
Broke my ankle... yay
Found out we are moving again... double yay
Best week ever... not
Working on books for deals I cannot discuss yet but will as soon as I can

- Sin and Swoon released August 11th, 2015 - book 2 to Blood and Bone - released
- Second Nature - released Sept. 28

- End of Days - Current project

Roommates - Released Oct. 24th

Soul and Blade - Releasing Nov. 17th - End of series
End of Days - Releasing Nov. 25th - End of Series

Third Time's a Charm - releasing December 20th
Puck Buddies - Releasing December 25th
Valiant - Releasing December 26th - End of Series

Betrayers - Releasing December 30th - End of Series

The End of Lies
The Last Hour
The End of Love - End of Series
The Earth's End - End of Series

After we finish the old series these are the releases in 2016!

AE Watson has several releases in Young Adult, several genres.

The new trilogy called the Travellers Trilogy - YA Science Fiction

The BORN spinoff The Liberty Trilogy -YA Science Fiction
And The Sky Fell
And The Stars Gave Way
And The Fire Burned

The new trilogy called The Shadow Lands Trilogy - YA Paranormal Romance
Dire - Book 1
Book 2
Book 3

Young Adult Romance
White Girl Wedding
All The Days That End With Y
The Exception to the Summer Fling

Young Adult End of the World and Post Apoc
The reaping

Erin Leigh has several releases

Bedmates - Rom-Com
Her Shoes - NA Mystery start of a new series
Second Chances - Romance
Her Side - NA Romance - Thin Ice Novel
The Handbook - Romance
The Test Dummy - NA Romance
Book of Lies - Romantic Mystery
Lost in La La Land - Romantic Mystery

TL Brown has one release

Last Light - NA Paranormal Romance - start of a new series

Dark romances are coming out, I just don't know how many. Mainly I know Linger, book 3 in The Lonely perspectives, will be in those releases. I know everyone is wanting that book. But there are others.

Remember this:

If you liked, Born or White Girl Problems - AE Watson is your girl
If you Liked, My Side or The Long Way Home - Erin Leigh is your girl
If you liked, Cursed or In The Fading Light - TL Brown is your girl
If you liked, The Lonely or Blood and Bone - Tara Brown is your girl

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Traditional deals

Hey all!!

As some of you may now know, I have done some book deals, some wicked, friggen, awesome book deals. And now more are hovering in the mix. I cannot say anything about anything about them because things can always become nothing, but I can say they will mess with the schedule. I have been adjusting it to ensure that we are staying close to the schedule and at the same time my agent is getting what she needs from me.
So if you see a date shift or a book move months, it's entirely based on book deals. I am indie, for the most part, and able to keep prices of those indie books very low for all of you. But indie just doesn't cut the mustard. I need to be in all markets. And I do have a dream that one day, even though I am Canadian and my indie books don't qualify, I will be on the NYT list or selling my books at the airport.
So if you see the shift or the date change, please don't be angry. It isn't personal. It's just that there are things going on behind the curtain that I cannot share just yet. But when I am able to share news, you can bet I will be shouting it from the rooftops.

Thanks so much for the support and love and constant belief. I appreciate it in my weirdly socially awkward and hermit like way. I run around my house excited and never message you back for fear of having to actually speak to people. I kid. Sort of.

Thursday, 11 June 2015


We are titling this, 


I just wanted to let you know I changed the release schedule a touch. When I started working on End of Tomorrow I took a quick peek at End of Me and cringed. It was in pretty bad shape. So Andrea and I have been at it and End of Games. Both will be shiny and new by the end of this weekend before the next book comes out. And thank God, we are almost done all of the back editing on old books.

The goal is to finish all of the series by December of this year, it's lofty and so far I am missing the mark a touch. I will be about 2 months off schedule. So end of February at the very latest for whatever book you're looking for.

My husband's work is transferring us yet again. I did get a year and half in this location so that was lucky lol. Needless to say moving to a whole new city yet again will change dates and releases. As of now the moving date is end of November. I am hoping to finish some books in that time.
I can't express how sorry I am for the changes in the schedule, those of you with husbands who drag you all over hell's half acre know what this is like. Obviously my kids are pumped... hahahahaha.


-Blood and Bone - Montlake - done - Released
-Sin and Swoon - Montlake - done - Releases August 11, 2015
-Soul and Blade - Montlake - current project - Releases November 2015
- Vengeance - rereleased as YA - done - Released
- Vanquished - March 20, 2015 - Done - Released


- Blood and Bone - April 28, 2015 - rereleases with Mountlake as a traditional published book.
Worked on Soul and Blade and Sin and Swoon
Went to London, why don't I live there?


- Beauty's Beast - May 15, 2015 - a novella - Released
- If At First - May 31st - Released

- The End of Me with rewrites and edits - Released
- rewrite and editing of End of Games - Released

- The End of Tomorrow - July, 2015 - Released
Broke my ankle...yay
Found out we are moving again... double yay
Best week ever… NOT
Working on books for deals I cannot discuss yet but will as soon as I can

- Sin and Swoon releases this month August 11th, 2015 -released

- Second Nature - September 28th - Released

Roommates - October 24th - Released

- Soul and Blade - Book 3 in Blood and Bone - Released November 17th - Released
End of Days - Releasing in November

- Third Time's a Charm - releasing in December
- Valiant - releasing in December

- Betrayers  - releasing in December
Puck Buddies - Releasing in December/January

The January release list is 

- The End of Lies - releasing in January
- The Last Hour - Releasing end of January
- End of Love - End of series - releasing in January/February
The Earth's End - Releasing January/February

The dates have been taken away as my schedule was truly the best laid plans of mice and men! Lesson learned, never try to plan. God has other plans and you don't need to know them...

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Book signings

I am attending two signings this year, if you are wondering why so few, check the scary housekeeping post. The release dates are frightening.
But the two I am attending are 
The British Book Affair - in LONDON!!
drummmm rolllllll
The Carolina Book Fest -
Other than that I am staying home and working. Except obviously apart from the date T-Swift and I have on August 1st for some summer fun.
I really hope you guys will be able to come to one or the other, depending on your location.